Welcome to the Big Apple

The Fresno convention was attended by 32 SDSD members. Friday night was a N.Y. baseball game. The San Diego Chicken & Colonel Sanders even attended with our chapter. Saturday afternoon Attendees were at the New York Marathon. Earlier in the day current & past Queens attended aBreakfast at Tiffany's. Saturday even was the Metropolitan Opera Gala & Coronation. Sunday after all the dancers went "shopping on Fifth Avenue" followed by the Broadway show Hello Dolly. The weekend on dancing ended with a Big Apple breakfast and awards presentation. 

August Hawaiian Beach Party 2018

We had another fun Hawaiian themed party with approximately 167 guests attending. The ballroom was colorful with palm trees, leis and flowers adorning the tables. Jerry MacCornack was  DJ for the evening. Entertainment was provided by Carrie Kloss and 4 of her hoop dancers. They performed to the theme song "Spread a Little Aloha". Later in the evening Serena Cueva performed with an amateur partner doing a spicy salsa and her dance group did a fun bachata medley. The food tables were sent with an assortment of fresh baked cookies and fresh fruit. The focal piece was a chocolate birthday cake for Queen Shirley McCloskey. Many thanks to everyone who came to help sent up before the party & to those to helped clean up after. Your help is always appreciated.

June 2018

The June Sock Hop was a fun dance with many guests dressing in 50't attire and lots of polka dots! Liz Tarnove and her committee of helpers did an outstanding job decorating with pink, aqua and lots of records. Rose did a great job as DJ and played lots of music from that era. Elvis surprised us with a visit much to the liking of all the members and guests. 

May Cinco de Mayo 2018

The May 5th social was hosted by Greg & Alicia Alexander and Denise White. Approximately 140 people helped us celebrate Cinco de Mayo, in a ballroom bright with gaily clad dancers and colorfully decorated tables. The Sunday night class entertained us with a Foxtrot and Night Club 2-Step routines. The DJ was Al Folkman assisted by Rose Madrid when Al was performing with the dance classes. Al also treated us to a Macarena line dance which filled the dance floor. As usual we had a great spread featuring a delicious array of fruit, won tons, flan, chips & salsa. 

April 2018

The April social was hosted by Cindy Perry and had 130 attendees. Freshly baked cookies and fresh fruit were served . Sandy Long & Jason Rivers performed for the members & guests and Irina & Rob Graddy also performed a Latin dance number. Rose Madrid was the DJ and included a mambo line dance in her playlist. A good time was had by all.

March 2018 Coronation

Congratulations to newly installed Queen Shirley McCloskey. Her Coronation was the crowning gem of a glorious evening. The ballroom was decorated in shades of purple and accented with gold crowns and candles. 

     The Honor dance was performed by Lucie & Chuck who did a playful dance to the music from Beauty and the Beast. What a delight that was as it was particularly enjoyed by Queen Shirley's granddaughters.  Professional entertainment was provided by local Jason Rivers and his new partner Megan Nash. The did a beautiful American Smooth Foxtrot to the song "My Love" followed by a Viennese Waltz to the sone "I Have Nothing". What beautiful dance by this new couple. A Jack & Jill dance contest was held for the Waltz and Cha Cha. Lots of great dancers participated making it fun to watch and cheer on. 

Valentine Social 2018

The Valentine's Day social was a resounding success with almost 140 members and guests attending. Ladies & gentlemen dressed in a sea of brilliant red and the tables were decorated in red, pin and silver. Refreshments were three cakes nd a supply of delicious fresh fruit thanks to the contributions of several of the men. Al Folkman & Chuck DiSessa hosted the dance who, with their crew of helpers, did a fantastic job. Jerry MacCormick and Lucie Bilyavska re-created a classic Fred Astaire routine and Lucie & Jason Rivers did a beautiful medley. Al continued the hugely-anticipated tradition of donating a fresh rose to every lady. What a beautiful assortment of red, pink ad yellow roses. Len Eng did a wonderful job as the DJ providing a lovely selection of music for everyone's dancing pleasure. A very special segment of the evening was the recognition of five SDSD members who were voted in as new Lifetime members at the January meeting. 

New Years 2017-2018

The New Year's celebration was attended by a nice mix of NSD members and other dancers. Champion Ballroom was festive with silver balloons and tables decorated in black, silver and gold with top hats, party hats, party favors and noise makers. The evening included fun-filled dancing, sumptuous dining and a renewal of friendship and camaraderie. Rose Madrid was the DJ for the evening and Al Folkman was the Master of Ceremonies. They did a good job keeping the dancers entertained throughout the evening. We celebrated New Years in New Your, Chicago and Denver with an appropriate song for each city. We did the "chicken" dance, macarena and the hokey pokey. There was an abundant table of hors d-oeuvre's for the guests to enjoy as well as plenty of champagne and sparkling cider for everyone. What a great way to start a New Year.